I agree.

I usually say it as, "people do have the right to sex if they have a willing partner."

The unanswered question is why are some of us unable to find willing partners?

And of course there can be many reasons why not.

But to expand this issue of sexual freedom, I think we need to examine the question, do women have a responsibility to be whole sexual beings?

Ok, so I've been going a little or a lot crazy lately. I freak out, really, when I think someone is being passive-aggressive with me.

I see it as very difficult to know what is happening between men and women in general. Are women asking for what they want, or do they mostly rely on men to ask or demand what men want first?

I try to live as a whole person. As I do that I became increasingly aware that most women I know are not whole people but refuse some parts of themselves. It sucks the life out of me.

I hope young people are doing it better.

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I appreciate your writings--I think you are making a substantial contribution to sexual healing for many people. I hope you are getting the support you need in your work. In the US at least, there are several networks for the education, support, and collaboration of sex workers and sex educators, and advocacy organizations such as the Woodhull Foundation. If you want more information on any of these, I am happy to provide more contacts privately.

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I really enjoy your refreshing candor about your past and present lifestyle. It really helps me to better understand the strong sexual desires for other partners that my wife experiences on a regular basis.

With my full love and support, my wife has been sexually active with various men and women for the 10 years that I have known her. I knowingly married a sexually adventurous woman who had no intention of remaining monogamous. Like you, she has willingly engaged in sex work as an independent private escort. She loved everything about that lifestyle. The pandemic is the only reason why she stopped servicing her clients.

My wife is grateful to be married to a submissive cuckold husband like me. I thoroughly enjoy my wife’s activities so there is no jealousy on my part.


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